Sustainable supply chain and operations services

Companies are looking at the impact their operations are having on the environment as well as the positive or negative impact on the communities in which they operate. Understanding these impacts can drive improvements to corporate strategy, day to day operations and ultimately on financial performance.

What steps can you take to ensure your supply chain is responsible while achieving financial and sustainability metrics at the same time? We'll put our experience to work by helping you:

  • Assess the risks associated with your supply chain and the steps necessary to protect your brand.
  • Consider best practice from across a range of industry sectors
  • Define the characteristics you require from your suppliers in order to make sure they're sustainable.
  • Monitor and manage environmental, social and governance risks associated with your supply chain.
  • Measure the financial cost or potential impact of your carbon, water and other usage on the environment, and local communities.
  • Redesign global supply chains to be cost-efficient, minimising their impact on the environment and delivering products and services on time.

Case studies

Managing the risk of a global supply chain

US: Pharmaceuticals & life sciences

Our US client was concerned about the reputational risks associated with suppliers in its global supply chain. Learn more

Generating value through CSR

France: Hospitality & leisure

The ambition of a leading French-based global hotel operator was to reinforce its CSR leadership in the hospitality industry and beyond, and generate value through CSR. Learn more

Making sure products are environmentally friendly

Belgium: Industrial manufacturing

A Belgium-based multinational manufacturer of high performance fire protection and insulation materials wanted to proactively identify and communicate the environmental impacts of its products throughout Europe. Learn more

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